The channel is all about

your competition can’t.

ensuring you are equipped to serve them in a way

your customers

Our Channel Story

Great things very rarely happen overnight. That’s why we’re proud of our Partner Markets channel offering.

It’s been a cool, calm and collected decade in the making, built on Node4’s award-winning infrastructure and industry-leading partnerships. We know the channel is all about your customers and ensuring you are equipped to serve them in a way your competition can’t. We know it’s about understanding the UK mid-market, the business challenges ahead and having access to a leading-edge IT innovations, delivered as end-to-end solutions.

Our Channel Offering

Providing our partners with the tools to do business in the channel isn’t merely an ‘extra’ for us. It’s a core part of our business model. We have invested heavily in making sure that our channel partners have access to the resources, technical support, and knowhow to deliver a premium service to their client-base.

However, it’s not the provision of this industry-leading support that sets us apart. Rather our ‘channel without challenge’ ethos which shifts much of our focus onto our partner’s customer. We learn about the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis and devise solutions so our partners can supply truly bespoke services.

This sensitive and meticulous attention to detail allows our channel partners to develop outstanding reputations and build successful and lasting businesses of their own.

Andy Wilson

Node4 Director of Channel

“Our portfolio of innovative, next-generation products and services, coupled with our commitment to understanding the needs of our partners’ customers is already propelling the business fortunes of those companies we have established relationships with.”

“Too many organisations fail to look at their partners’ customers and their challenges, and we believe that will be key to our success and a reason we invest so heavily in our mid-market research.”

“We believe in a channel without challenge ethos which means supporting our partners to address the real-life issues their customers are facing and are looking to overcome. We do that through innovative products and solutions, underpinned with market leading technical expertise and support.”